Board Games & Ambiance: Acabar in Palermo Gets the Night Started

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Acabar Bar in Palermo Buenos AiresBars use a number of devices to keep their customers drinking. Salty snacks keep people reaching for their beer and games of pool or darts make time pass quickly, so quickly that it always seems time to buy the next round. At Acabar, a restaurant in Palermo, they have adapted these traditional bar techniques to make them a little more table friendly.

In a corner towards the back of the restaurant sit stacked a wide variety of board and card games, including Uno, Pictionary, and Tabú. Whether waiting for food or waiting to digest dinner before ordering dessert, customers can take any game they want and make it an hour long event. For foreigners who may be unaccustomed to the Argentine tradition of a long, long dinner, these games also help slow our pace. After all, games are a really great way to get a group of people talking (and ordering that second bottle of wine), making sure we leave at a cool 1am, not an early 11:30.

Acabar Bar in Palermo Buenos AiresIf board games at a table seem a little strange, the decor of Acabar would set anyone’s worries about propriety at ease. An eclectically decorated location, the walls are covered in old ads, bright wall paper, unidentified gadgets, and, by the bar, empty wine and liquor bottles. Between the games and the decoration, Acabar creates the ambience that is its greatest asset. Not only can it start a really fun night with old friends, but it can help spark a feeling of togetherness that foreigners often need. Whether you are trying to introduce your parents to your friends or trying to bring disparate friend groups together, Acabar can help overcome the silent, awkward periods that fall between the starter and the entrée, before the glow of the first bottle of Quilmes arrives.

Acabar Bar Menu in PalermoOf course, games are not all the Acabar has going for it. Acabar uses another insidious technique to keep you eating and drinking – they make good food and even better desserts. The variety of food at Acabar is epitomized by a menu that is hardly a menu at all. A stack of laminated cards, each contains a single dish and its description, an idea as fun and funky as it is unorganized and a (a little) inconvenient. From traditional picadas and asado to pastas, salads, and even a few German dishes, everyone at the table will be able to find something they like. The desserts include tiramisu, apple pie, crepes with dulce de leche, and best of all, a wide variety of sundaes that use quality Argentine ice cream and excellent chocolate topping.

For food and for a change of pace, Acabar is a great restaurant to begin a Friday or Saturday night. And after you are done and have whipped your friends at Monopoly, you are only a ten minute walk from Plaza Serrano, where at cool one a.m. the party is just getting started.

Acabar Bar
Honduras 5733, Palermo
Tel: 4772-0845 / 4776-3634

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