The Plaza Serrano Fair – Independent Designers at Fair Prices

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Plaza Serrano Street Fair in PalermoAny lover of nightlife will undoubtedly be familiar with Plaza Serrano for going out, but Palermo’s most famous square has a different face before the sun sets – every weekend it hosts an independent design fair. Bars and restaurants in the blocks surrounding the plaza move aside tables and open their doors for designers to showcase their clothing and accessories to the hundreds of trendy porteños who frequent the weekly fair. Prices, styles, and items vary greatly; for instance, you might see a stall selling silk tops made from antique scarves next to neon anime bomber jackets. It is this stylistic variety and bazaar-like atmosphere (there are literally hundreds of vendors) that makes it a hot destination for shopaholics and casual browsers alike.

During a recent foray with friends, we were able to pick up a grey cotton dress with silk trim (30 pesos), a purple hoodie with printed fabric pockets (40 pesos), and a men’s soft cotton shirt with screen print (20 pesos). Aesthetically the pieces are all one-of-a-kind; and on multiple occasions we have been privy to compliments from strangers about the purchases.

Perhaps more interesting than our acquisitions were some of the stories we heard from the designers. Many cannot afford to set up their own shops but posses the desire and skill to design. One particularly talented woman, a former drama teacher, told us that after becoming pregnant with her daughter, she could not afford child care. As a single woman, she needed to find a profession that she could practice in her home but that would utilize her creative talents. (She makes amazing cloth and metal necklaces).

I would recommend arriving early; a steady flow of shoppers peruse the stalls throughout the day and the stock can be meager by evening. Some of the more popular venues are Feria DiseñoARG, Feria Industria Argentina, and Feria Múltiple, but just a stroll around the plaza should introduce you to many more. Other independent design fairs in the city can be found in San Telmo, Plaza Francia, and San Isidrio. Chekout this website(in Spanish) for more information about specific venues and fairs.

Fairs in Plaza Serrano
Saturdays & Sundays – Morning to early afternoon.

Honduras 5033

Feria Industria Argentina
Serrano 1556

Feria Multiple
Honduras 5019


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