Argentine Countryside – Gran Buenos Aires

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cimg1527.jpgArgentines like to own country homes. In a nation where banks were recently the bad guys who didn’t let you withdraw your own funds, real estate makes for a convenient investment. From modest to lavish, it’s customary for those who are able to invest in a second home outside of the city. If you happen to be visiting Buenos Aires and would like to get away for a day in the countryside, you can follow the local tradition and drive an hour or so out of town along the river to relax in meadows amongst the trees.

cimg1523.jpgWooden bridges and dirt roads await in spaces that are the essence of tranquility. The only development in much of the area along the river are small towns with delicious parillas steak houses – and gated communities. If you have access to a car or want to hire a driver, a scenic country excursion just outside of the city can make for a relaxing getaway.

A good destination might be a parilla, a nature preserve, or a park. Any excuse to escape the hustle of the city can be cause for a quick adventure into the campo, where the contrast of small town life is a nice retreat.

If you want to get into a little bit of countryside/guacho atmosphere for a little more than an hour drive by car, you can go to San Antonio de Areco, a beautiful small town 120 km away from BA. There you’ll find antique & leather shops, 100 year old streets and houses, nice estancias and some of the best real gaucho asado.


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La Digue on July 6, 09

Many people around the world know that Argentina is a country that hides a lot of mysateries and has a lot to offer to those prepared to make the trip. I would have loved to see Argentina someday because i am really looking forward to meet different people and know different cultures.

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