The Spot Bar in Recoleta, an Underground Success

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The Spot Bar Recoleta Buenos AiresFinding a good bar in downtown Buenos Aires is not a hard thing to do. Pubs and cafes line nearly every main street and plaza, catering to a vast clientele of both locals and tourists alike. Finding a truly unique nightlife experience, however, is decidedly harder. Even the most casual traveler will tell you that they want to do something different then they’re used to at home. They want good drinks, atmosphere, music, crowd, and most of all fun. If that’s your idea of a good time, then look know further than “The Spot”, Recoleta’s best kept secret.

Nestled behind 15-foot steel gates, through a dark Fourier on a quiet street in the posh Recoleta neighborhood, “The Spot” can be tough to find. There’s no sign out front, no advertising, and the bar doesn’t open until 10pm. This bar is no frills, all fun, and you can expect something different every time you go.

The crowd is almost 100% Argentine, who usually work or live nearby. There’s no food, but they serve a full cocktail list, draft beer, local Malbecs, and French champagne. The prices are cheap by neighborhood standards (cocktails $12-18, beer $7-9), and good tippers are often rewarded with a free shot, a loud cheer, or even a kiss on the cheek, which is typically Argentine.

The room itself is rather small, which gives the bar an intimate, yet sometimes crowded feel. There are small cocktail tables which line the outside walls, no table service, but by 2am, no one is sitting down.

The music has the feel of an international house party. On the weekends, the resident DJ, or the bartenders play a mix ranging from Latin House, Hip-Hop, 80’s Rock, Cumbia, and in the late hours, Reggaetone. By the time the sun comes up, the party starts to wind down, and people slowly begin to matriculate back home.

When asked why he doesn’t do more to advertise the bar, owner Diego Colb said, simply, “I don’t have to, the people that know about the bar are great customers, and the ones they’ll tell to come are just as good.” And it works. Since 1998, “The Spot” has kept its business steady with a good mix of loyal followers and curious one-time patrons. According to Colb, they are even planning on expanding, by opening up a new bar in nearby San Isidro, and making some small renovations to the original “Spot”.

“I want people to come in, relax, and feel like they’re free to do what they want here”, said Colb, “Think of this as an extension of your living room, and understand that you’re always welcome.”

The Spot Bar
Ayacucho 1261 (3 blocks away from Santa Fe Avenue)

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