In the Heart of Palermo Viejo, La Cabrera Deserves its Popularity

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la cabrera palermo buenos aires argentinaA one-hour wait is much less painful when you are sipping free champagne and nibbling on free meats and cheeses. If you are looking for a well-kept secret, or a good place for a group of 8, try somewhere else. But if you are looking for an indulgent meal for 2-6 people at a hotspot restaurant, head for La Cabrera, in Palermo Viejo. You will fit right in whether you are sporting a T-shirt or an elegant dress.

On a Thursday evening, around 9:45 we joined a crowd of around 30 waiting outside for seating. By 10:15 the crowd had grown to about 40 people, a lively group speaking US English, UK English, Swedish, German, French, and Italian, as well as a good showing of local Porteños. A charming hostess put our name on the list, handed us champagne, and offered us a delicious smorgasbord of salami, chorizo, and a variety of cheeses.

Once seated, we enjoyed a basket of breads, with a rich ricotta-mayonnaise spread while contemplating the menu. Main dishes ranged from AR$33-54. We had a lovely Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon for AR$39, but if you are going all-out, you can try the Bodega Terrazzo’s Cheval des Andes for AR$414.

la cabrera palermo buenos aires argentinaTry the jamon crudo, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and arugula appetizer – delicious and large enough to share. All meat entrees come with a spread of around 12 small side dishes, including roasted garlic, endive, cucumber in mustard sauce, mashed squash, roasted potatoes with parsley, ratatouille, roasted artichokes and eggplant, and other delights. Our carefully calibrated eyes sized our ribeye steak entrée at around 2 lbs. Although technically a dish for one, it could easily have served 4.

Omnivore that I am, I admit that I enjoy the pureness of a savory bit of meat. Hence, I was hesitant to adulterate the beef with all of the flavorful sides, presumably intended as accompaniments or “toppings.” Nevertheless, the sides all stood on their own, and offered some refreshing variety between the bites of ribeye.

Our total bill, for more food than we could eat, a bottle of wine, and two bottles of soda water totaled AR$143 for 2 people, which is around US$22 each.

La Cabrera Restaurant

Cabrera 5099 (esq. Thames) Palermo Viejo
C1414BGQ – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Tel: 4831-7002
Open Hours:
12:30-4:00 lunch
8:30-1:00 dinner

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