Argentine Food in Mar del Plata

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Argentine Beer Between the rich cream sauces, homemade pastas, unending cheese platters, incredible wine and the best steak your mouth has ever savored, you will never go hungry in Argentina! Argentina’s food is not only delicious, but also very satisfying. In addition, nothing tastes better than a good meal for an excellent price.

A group of friends and I went to a brewery in Mar del Plata called Cerveza Antares the other night. From the entrance, we could see we had quite a wait ahead of us, but one thing you will learn in Argentina is that no one is ever in a hurry! Even though it was 11pm and we were ready to keel over from hunger, our Argentine friends thought the hour wait was nothing. They led us straight to the bar for some amazing beer and a cheese platter to hold us over during the wait.

This brewery offered eight amazing beers to choose from as well as a sample of each to help in your selection. I had a very smooth and semi sweet pint of beer called Honey. We all shared a huge platter with an assortment of high quality cheeses, olives, and breads to go along with our beer. The hour wait went by before we knew it with the great food, drinks, and company!

We eventually did sit down and were faced again with the difficult choice of incredible entrée items. I decided on a cazuela (stew) that was full of lomo (filet mignon) and veggies. Our Argentine friends quickly ordered two amazing bottles of Argentine Malbec….a staple on any Argentine table. The wine was slightly dry and an amazing compliment to my steak cazuela! The whole experience was incredible!

As I said before, the best part is that we paid about $13 American dollars each for all of the food, drinks and incredible atmosphere! How could anything taste better than that??

Cerveza Antares
Córdoba 3025
Mar del Plata
(0223) 492-4455

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