Like Veggies? Chow Down at La Escondida

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La Escondida Parrilla Patio Palermo Buenos AiresA parrilla might seem an unlikely place to head for vegetarian options, but La Escondida in Palermo Viejo hides a fabulous self-serve vegetarian meal – in the form of a salad bar. Yes, a salad bar. I never imagined that I would recommend a salad bar. When I think salad bar, I think hospital cafeteria. This salad bar, however, is totally different. This salad bar had roasted eggplant, roasted potatoes, bitter micro-greens, leaf lettuce, radicchio, curly endive, flageolet beans, chickpeas, lentils, pickled vegetables, and – get this – candied shaved fennel, yummmmm! And there was more.

La Escondida Parrilla Salad Bar Palermo Buenos AiresLet me clarify that I am not a vegetarian. The salad bar came free with my flank steak lunch and I approached it suspiciously. Upon inspection, I was pleasantly surprised, and piled my plate with tastes of nearly everything. By the time my meal came, I was disappointed that I had bothered with anything other than the salad bar. I started thinking about when I might come back and have the salad bar again.

La Escondida Parrilla Palermo Buenos Aires ArgentinaHave I sold you on this yet? Well, have I mentioned that the salad bar is only AR$9.50? Or, you can order a huge plate of pasta, for around AR$14 and then the salad bar comes free! So, you can eat loads of yummy vegetables with an inexpensive price tag and eat leisurely in the lively outside patio. Or you can be closer to the salad bar, in the spacious air-conditioned indoors with abundant skylights so you feel like you are outdoors. La Escondida claims that their specialty is a ribeye, wrapped in pancetta. I’m not convinced that they have the best meat in town (it’s stiff competition) but ah, the salad bar.

La Escondida
Costa Rica 4464 – Palermo Viejo
Tel: 4833-9138
Open every day.
Thanks to Romina Bonavita for the beautiful pictures

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Pivin on November 28, 08

This place is awesome! Highly recommended! This is a classy place and an excellent spot to experience real Argentine food with good service.

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