Friendly Parrilla Joint La Rosalía Serves up Chorizo with a Smile

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La Rosalia Parrila Palermo Buenos Aires ArgentinaI don’t know about you, but to me there is a difference between tourist-friendly and people-friendly. Yes, tourists are people, too – but you get my point. Personally, I tire easily of tourist-friendly places but people-friendly places almost always make me feel warm and fuzzy. The parrilla La Rosalía on Scalabrini Ortiz is just one of these special places in Buenos Aires.

On a Saturday night, around 11:30 pm, walking away from Palermo Viejo, hungry – but tired of tourist-friendly places, I passed by a crowded café, patrons spilling out onto the street.

I walked by.

Slowly, the cogs in my food-deprived brain started spinning. I engaged myself in a fruitful logical journey:

1) The café’s grill faces the street. 2) There is a crowd of people in front of the grill. 3) It is not possible that all of those people are wait staff. 4) Maybe some of those people are customers. 5) Maybe they are ordering food to go. 6) Maybe they are ordering straight from the grill. 7) I looked at my companion. 8 ) He looked at me. 9) We did a 180 and bee-lined back. 10) Good choice.

Indeed, all tables were full and the street-side grill counter was mobbed with customers. I edged in to read the menu – not entirely necessary, since all food items are visible, and within pointing distance even if I wasn’t sure of their names. The grill-master was kind and affable. He gave me a pleasant and concise crash course of business: Go inside. Order your food. Pay for your food. Come back here. I’ll give you your food. Then he sharpened his knife vigorously in preparation for the next slice. This guy is amazing. He appears relaxed and is genuinely friendly – and he is cranking out dozens of orders in minutes flat, while managing maybe 17 square feet of meat-filled grill space. It was worthy of awe.

Just a few minutes and nine pesos later, we walked away with a choripan and a flank (vacio) sandwich with chimichurri sauce. Delicious! La Rosalía’s menu also includes other sandwiches, grilled meats by the kilo, fried potatoes, and a variety of homemade desserts.

La Rosalía Parrilla
Scalabrini Ortiz 1538
Delivery Tel. 4833-0767
Open all day Monday – Saturday, Sunday open afternoons only


Lauren on January 17, 08


Good review of my FAVORITE Parrilla in Buenos Aires that I affectionately call “The Dirty Parrilla”. I mentioned this place on my website as one of Buenos Aires best kept secrets.

Glad you enjoyed the street-meat… Keep eating it!
Gateway Argentina

Carlos on January 18, 08

Hace poco estuve ahí, el vacío y el matambre de cerdo espectacular. el lugar no es muy lindo pero la comida es muy buena.

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