Located in a Posh Recoleta Mansion, Milion Mixes Cocktails with Old World Style

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Milion in Recoleta, photo by Will Bonner

Thanks to Will Bonner for this great picture of Milion.

The popular old mansion and garden in Recoleta with the fancy drinks invites you to feel wealthy for a few US dollars. Its prices are extravagant for Buenos Aires, but its drinks are only out-lovely’d by its ambiance; where 19th Century mansion setting meets millenium Argentine polo/party crowd. From its decor to its minty martinis, Milion is a luscious pleasure.

You enter Milion and climb the stairs to a parlor that feels upper-crust French Quarter, New Orleans. Through the parlor is the bar, and past it, the terrace overlooking the garden. The garden is set up for dinner and beautifully lit. There’s an extravagance to the place that makes you forget the $20 peso cocktails and exceedingly priced supper. Milion makes you feel special, as it should.martinis.jpg

This month, Milion starts a new music series called “Musicos Que Pasan Musica,” musicians as deejays, which promises to attract a worthy crowd. Explore the mix – in your glass and in your ear – Wednesdays at Milion in Recoleta.

Parana 1048
4815 9925

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