Steps from Palermo Viejo, Scannapieco Offers Timeless Ice Cream

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ice creams scannapieco Palermo Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is a city that prides itself on its Italian heritage- they play futbol with flair, have twelve different pasta sauces on every menu, and they undoubtedly have the best gelato this side of the Atlantic. And just like any respectable Italian city, there is an ice cream shop on almost every corner in BA- so as the weather heats up, Argentines and tourists alike stampede for the nearest cone and creamy helado. While it may be tempting to pop into the first Freddo or Munchi’s that you pass, it’s definitely worth avoiding heladería chains and going out of your way. Scannapieco, a family-owned ice cream shop just steps away from Plaza Serrano in Palermo Viejo, is definitely the place to satisfy a summer helado craving.

scannapieco ice cream palermo buenos aires argentinaScannapieco was founded in 1938, and to walk into the shop your first impression is that little has changed since its inception. There are ancient fans that cool the air just enough to keep your ice cream from instantly melting, the paraphernalia (including an antique radio) likely do not function but add to the ambiance, and the servers are in all probability the same ones that dished ice cream at the store’s opening ceremony. Even if someone from a younger generation happens to serve you, all the workers are either the sons or grandchildren of the founder, Andres Scannapieco, and his wife Josefina.

The ice cream combines this traditionalism with a modern touch. While the texture is classic- delicious and smooth, and many timeless flavors are on deck, for every frutilla or vanilla sampling there is a lemon champagne or chocolate with orange peel. Other recommendable flavors are mint (menta), cinnamon (canela), and peach (durazno), but this is not the place to stick to routine- every flavor is unquestionably delicious, and there are over fifty samplings to choose from. And for those who like to lick outside the norm, there are ice cream sodas dispensed from an ancient machine. So, if during your trip to BA you can’t manage to run into Maradona at the Bombonera or secure a table at Guido’s, be assured that you can have your Italian gelato fix (and then some) at Scannapieco.

Scannapieco Ice Creams
Address: Avenida Córdoba 4826
Telephone: 4773-1829


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