Sumptuous Leather Bags Beckon from Anahi M in Palermo Soho

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Anahi M Leather and Bag Store Palermo Buenos AiresLocated on a tree-lined street at a remove from the chaos of Palermo Soho, Anahi M is one of Buenos Aires‘ best leather-goods boutique. Anahi M’s strength is its gorgeously designed bags, although the store also boasts a solid selection of accessories, from notebooks to wallets to jackets. Walking down Uriarte one summer night, Anahi M’s backlit windows caught my eye, as did the blood red leather doctor’s bag prominently on display. It made me literally stop in my tracks, and salivate.

Anahi M Leather and bags store Palermo Buenos AiresArgentina is renowned for its leather goods, and Anahi M is a shining example. The store’s interior is minimalist, all white walls and light filled expanses, the better to view the goods. The store assistants remain patient as customers invariably gush and agonize over which bag to buy.

Anahi M, the designer, after whom the store is named, draws from a decades-long family tradition in the leather industry. She works directly with tanneries across Argentina, a partnership that allows her access to high quality leather in striking, unique colors. My favorites are the afore-mentioned blood red, a deep indigo blue, a bright suede teal, and a tobacco-stained textured leather number. Anahi M’s designs are unique, updated classics that, thankfully, transcend those ever-fleeting trends.

Anahi M Leather and Bag Store Palermo Buenos AiresParticularly worthy of note is a series of bags that incorporate authentic, vibrantly-colored Guatemalan textiles, producing one-of-a-kind pieces. Each bag comes with a handmade attachment, woven from leather and colored stones and each bag’s interior is lined with pleasingly bold colors. Details like these embody the design aesthetic of Anahi M.

I ended up buying the red bag – I couldn’t resist the heavy metal clasp on top – I’ve had countless people stop me in the street to ask about it. And I love the expression on their faces when I tell them, “Buenos Aires.”

Anahi M
Uriarte 1490


anahi morgenstern on March 18, 08

I am “anahi m” thank you for your words of my shop!!
and…congratulations for the web site you have , I went around and I rally liked the way it is written and designed.
regards for all of you!!
anahi m

sarah on April 1, 08

Hi , cool site! I actually sell anahi’s m bags and they are great. If you can’t make it back to a BsAs for awhile and have a craving for bags, you can get it here … ! Also on the site there is a video of the shop and an interview with the divine Anahi herself! Paz!

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ANGELICA on August 4, 08

Hi! it is really a useful and cool site!
Anahi’s bags are a must for any fashionista with great sense of style seeking the best quality in leather goods.
I sell Anahi M online at: and in my front store in 2900 SoCO – Austin TX

ingrid on December 25, 08

vindoo da diva ! é a melhor loja >>boutique do mundoo<<<

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