Hostel-Inn Iguazu, a Review of the Casino-turned-Hostel

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If you are traveling to Puerto Iguazu to see the phenomenal Iguazu Falls, make sure to check out the nearby Hostel-Inn Iguazu. This hostel will surely surprise you with its luxury accommodations. It is not only the nicest hostel I have ever seen, but also tons of fun with all kinds of activities and entertainment.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Pool

Hostel-Inn Iguazu is located outside of town. It is possible to walk there; however, if you are just arriving from a long trip with all your bags, I suggest jumping on the bus. If you arrive at the bus terminal you will find the bus very convenient and for the price of one peso you can’t go wrong. Every thirty minutes a yellow bus arrives at the terminal and travels along Ruta 12. Ask the bus driver to tell you when you have arrived at Km 5 or tell him where you are staying and he will know exactly where you want to be dropped off – practically at the front door of the hostel.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu was originally built to be a casino but after that business failed it was transformed into one of the fanciest hostels you can imagine. The first thing you notice as you step onto the property is the huge swimming pool. The pool is a necessity in the hot and humid temperatures of the northeast. You will be very thankful it is there, along with the air-conditioning inside and within each individual room. The swimming pool bar, lounge chairs, and hammocks are a bonus to the resort like feel.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Lobby and Inside

When entering the hostel-inn you will notice an information desk with all kinds of activities and packages to see iguazu falls, a big dining area, the internet accessible computers, ping pong tables, pool tables, bar, kitchen, and a hostel worker waiting to greet you at the front reception desk. While you are soaking in your surroundings the front deskman will be telling you about the packages they have to offer. But before signing your time and money away to these packages make sure you think it over first. If you are more of the type who likes to sight-see at your own pace, and are living on a budget (which most of us are), I would recommend going to see the falls on your own. All it takes is another quick bus ride along the Ruta and you are there.

Once checked in, you will be lead downstairs to your room. Along the way you will also see the movie room, another seating area to relax, big bathrooms for everyone to use, and then your cozy room with lockers included and another bathroom inside. However, I don’t imagine you will be spending too much time there. The pool stays open until midnight and is always a great way to spend part of your day. There are regular volleyball games scheduled on the outdoor sand courts for those who are getting bored with laying in the sun. The swimming pool bar begins each night early with a happy hour, 2 for 1 drink special. And if you like dancing, the fun-spirited Brazilian DJ plays salsa, tango, samba, and many other kinds of fun music all night long. Every night there is a new group of people dancing the night away along side the pool, and Venicio (the DJ) is always happy to teach you the traditional dances.

The only inconvenience you may find at the hostel is with food. Because it is outside of town there are no supermarkets close by. If you plan on cooking, make sure you load up on groceries in town and bring them out with you. The kitchen is also not well stocked and you may have to wait your turn to use the pot or pan that you need. However, there is also a big buffet from 8-10pm every night that offers a wide selection of well cooked food for 16 pesos each, breakfast is included, and twice a week, the hostel hosts a traditional Argentine asado outside. The dinner is delicious, it is a great way to meet people, and many times it is accompanied with a show from a group of Brazilian dancers who get everyone involved in the festivities.

Not being much of a fan of the hot and humid temperatures, I originally planned on staying three nights at Hostel-Inn Iguazu. Eight nights later, I finally jumped on a bus for the next destination. I am sure that when you get there you will understand exactly why it is so hard to leave.

Hostel-Inn Iguazu
Ruta 12 -km 5, Puerto Iguazu
(+543757) 421823 / 420160
Dorm beds starting ~ $9, Private rooms starting ~ $19
(prices are seasonal)

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