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Valley of the moon

Thanks for this picture to Guslight

Hello readers! I want to take a break from our regular programming to tell you about our Guidebook. The short of it is that it’s growing. A lot. Our guidebook content is longer-lived than our articles, and as time goes on it will be kept up to date. But you won’t find the guide pages in our regular flow of articles. To read them, simple browse the gray navigation bar at the top of the site.

La cabrera palermo buenos airesThis week we released our Food & Wine in Argentina section (thanks Cameron!) and our Valley of the Moon section (thanks Rafaela!). So if you are planning on eating while you’re down here, why not learn about the traditional asados, the great Italian food, the delicious dishes from the north, and the new Argentine cuisine. And while you’re at it, learn some handy phrases to compliment the chef.

Talampaya National Park

Thanks for Talampaya to Renton Z

For those of you that want to see something amazing and different, then Talampaya and Ischigualasto (how do you even say that?) are on your list. Located in the north-west of Argentina, these arid-but-striking National Parks are full of cool things to do, such as excursions, hot springs, windsurfing, mountain-climbing, and crazy dinosaur stuff. Enjoy.


Iftikhar Shallwani on January 30, 08

good site and need feedback from people who have been there..

César González on January 30, 08

Hi Iftikhar, do you mean people who have been to Talampaya or Argentina in general? Every writer on here has spend time in Argentina 🙂

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