Chris Jeffries Wins Mar de Plata Slam Dunk Competition

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jeffriesallstar.jpgOn Tuesday, Texas small forward Chris Jeffries won the annual slam dunk competition in Mar del Plata. Jeffries took the prize for the first time in Argentina, and the second time in South America. He previously won the award in Venezuela last season.

The event, known as “El Juego de Estrellas,” is similar to the NBA’s all-star game, with a 3-point competition, dunk contest, legends game, and current stars game. The current stars game is played in a foreigner vs. national format.

Jeffries’ accomplishment adds some encouragement to his team Obras Sanitarias, which has bolstered its position to #2 in the national standings. The regular season resumes in less than a week, so look out for more highlights and scores to come.

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