MLB Totals Picks Expert Over Under The Total Predictions 7/7/2019

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The All-Star fracture is coming at a good time, letting the chance to do just a little work and try and get things going in the second half of the season. Totals are a little better the past few days, but have given it straight back with all the sides.
Philadelphia at Mets: Pretty big move , as this one has proceeded from 9-over to 8-under with good two-way action. I’ve got this one at 9. A mild breeze looks like blowing in.
Miami at Atlanta: The total here has remained at 9.5 with 61% of those wagers coming in on the below. I’ve got this one at 8.5, as Keuchel is rounding into form and had his very best start so much last time around the mound. A mild breeze is expected to be blowing towards left field.
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh: The total dropped from 10 to 9.5 with near 60 percent of their wagers on the over. In addition, I have this one at 9. No actual breeze to speak of in this one.
St. Louis at San Francisco: The following move of one run in this match, as the total opened at 9 and is currently down to 8 with near two-thirds of this wagers coming on the above. In addition, I have this one at 8 and the end will be strong as normal, but is blowing more left-to-right, as opposed to blowing out.
Colorado at Arizona: The total on this one has moved from 9-over to 8.5-flat with close to 58% of the ancient wagers on the below. Light wind is expected to be blowing right to left.
San Diego at Dodgers: The total here opened at 8.5 and has remained there with a few areas moving to 8.5-under with 55% of the wagers on the over. I’ve got it at 9.
Cleveland at Cincinnati: The total here proceeded from 9.5-under into 9-flat with pretty decent two-way actions. I have this one and 7 and will take the under, with a light breeze blowing towards right.
Kansas City in Washington: This one has moved from 9.5 to 9-over with near 70% of the wagers on the under and I left this only 8.
Cubs at White Sox: This one has risen from 10 to 10.5 with near 60% of the wagers on the above. I also have this one at 10.5.

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