Buenos Aires Bars: Madagascar in Plaza Serrano

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Madagascar Bar in Plaza Serrano, Buenos AiresIf you were stuffed in a sac and thrown on a plane only to wake up sitting at the table at bar Madagascar you might reasonably think you were in Amsterdam at Leidseplein. However, you would be horribly wrong. Only off by about 5,000 miles.

But here in Buenos Aires moments of mistaken European identity are commonplace, so don’t get too hung up on it. Madagascar, which includes a very generous sidewalk portion, as well as a large interior, is a pizza-resto bar in Plaza Serrano, located in Palermo Soho. Like Soho in Manhattan all of Palermo Soho is peppered with restaurants, bars, clothing shops, and great street life (artists, musicians, zonked out druggies, who all just hanging out), set to the back drop of low buildings and a true neighborhood feel. You can’t pay for this kind of ambience.

I’ve been here a number of times and it is always a good place to people watch. On weekend nights, this Buenos Aires bar is very crowded and your only chance at a table is showing up on the early side if you are willing to look a little un-hip. Sit on the sidewalk and watch the people in the park. They are the best. I’ve seen guys on stilts, jugglers, guitarists, and bachelors and bachlorettes dressed in drag celebrating their last night of premarital freedom.

It’s a nice place to grab a little food, but I wouldn’t necessarily bring all your friends here for their first Buenos Aires dinner. We had a handful of empanadas with a couple of large bottles of Brahma. Both the finger foods and beer were wallet friendly, not to mention great for your health.

At some point, maybe a beer and an empanada into our “session” (I’m starting to measure time in beer or food consumed) a man named Pedro approached our table. He was obviously a street vendor, but he chatted a minute before even trying to sell us some homemade jewelry. I don’t like jewelry. I don’t wear it, I don’t have a girlfriend who wears it, and I’m staying here for a few more months so I’m even thinking of buying presents for people back home. I conveyed all of this to Pedro with a curt shake of the head and “no gracias.” However, Pedro stayed and asked us what we were doing here, for how long, etc. In the end we spoke to him for about fifteen minutes and before he left he made me a little Che Guevara star out of metal wire with a pair of needle nose pliers. Very agreeable.

With a really good sidewalk scene and relaxed atmosphere free of dress codes Madagascar is one of many low profile bars that surround Plaza Serrano. Follow your eyes to the sea of red Brahma umbrellas to find it, since the sign is small and carved into wood. If you’re from the United States feel free to wear a baseball hat. We love them, even if not many other people do.

The easiest way to get to Plaza Serrano in Palermo SoHo is by cab, however the Green D Subte Line can you get pretty close. Get off at Plaza Italia and walk about 9 blocks east. Or, if you want to see more of the area, simply walk. All of Federal Capital is pretty small if you are accustomed to walking a little bit. From Recoleta give yourself about half an hour. From Centro it’s a little over an hour.

Located at 1636 Jorge Luis Borges in Palermo Soho, Plaza Serrano.
Tel: 4832 6444


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