ATG Launch Party Extravaganza in Buenos Aires

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Cheers to Argentina’s Travel Guide!If you’re one of our loyal readers (read: moms & grandparents) then you’ve noticed our recent growth spurt. In the last 3 months we’ve grown from one to 3 full-time monkeys and quadrupled our community of writers. Together, we’ve launched a ton of new guide content, a set of free pocket guides, a discussion forum, a directory of services and an advertising program. A new homepage design and logo are also on the horizon.

Good clean fun!Sis & friends.

Naturally, it was time to celebrate with some monkey business! So we invited all our friends, our writers, and a bunch of Buenos Aires bloggers, entrepreneurs and expats to the Official ATG Launch Party / Asado this past Saturday. Over 70 invitees turned up to toast ATG, chow on delectable meats from the parrilla (of course!) and down plenty (too many?) fernet & cokes.

Just chillin’Before the pool incident…

Some party highlights: Finally putting faces to all those names – writers, bloggers & online friends – meeting great people – travelers, food bloggers, tango bloggers, BA bloggers, and awesome entrepreneurs galore! An icebreaker that sent people mingling —suddenly, my sister and her friends were very popular (hmmm). Amazing Argentine asado with a touch of Peruvian flavor, thanks to Senora Gonzalez! The champagne toast, the crazy waiter, and the dancing, complete with disco lights. (In Argentina, it’s not really a party without the dancing.) The famous Noah Kagan celebrated his birthday with us at the stroke of midnight, and promptly ended up in the pool. A dozen people followed, sans suit but fully clothed. That was one this monkey team hadn’t seen before.

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Emily Crawford on February 19, 08

I am so bummed I didn’t make it! My apologies to all of our writers – I was really hoping to connect with all of you. I am already threatening to have the next ATG party at my place toward the end of March. The monkeys will let you know! In the meantime, keep us up to date on your parties and adventures!
un beso!

noah kagan on February 19, 08

definitely 1 of my top 26 birthdays:) thanks again!

Gabriela Garcia Medina on February 19, 08

Sure wish i could have made it! i know it was a great success!

kareem on February 19, 08

i had a phenomenal time! thanks for hosting 🙂

Iftikhar Shallwani on February 20, 08

I did not know about it. Do let me know about the future events. I am new here so would like to know more people.ciao

Cherie on February 20, 08

Wah, why do you fun people always have things on a Saturday when I can’t come???
It makes me SO mad! All that fun was had without me.
But I’m glad it was such a thumping success–just sorry I missed out.
Suerte, y felicedades!

César González on February 20, 08

Thanks everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed hosting it and it was fun meeting everybody in person. We should definitely set up another event before the summer’s out. Cherie, what days work for you?

Daven on February 21, 08

hmm, is that a wild john harris I spy in the photo? lucky bastard

César González on February 22, 08

jejeje, yup it is. What better excuse to fly down to BA?

Alan Patrick on February 22, 08

Thanks so much for the invite to the launch party Cesar! Had a great time, especially cooling off in the pool near the end 🙂

Hope to see you again soon and keep up the great work here at ATG!

Juan Trouilh on February 25, 08

I also want to specially thank Cesar for inviting me to his house. I already send him an email, but here I’m making it public 🙂

The party was AWESOME!!! I have to admit that a lot of porteños like me should learn from foreigners how to celebrate that way.

Anyway, thanks again and I’ll be ready for the next time!!!

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