Did Kerry miss their shot in the drawn All-Ireland final?

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Following the drawn All-Ireland closing between Kerry and Dublin, the Sky Sports pundits pondered when their chance had been missed by the Kingdom.
Dublin deserve enormous credit. It shows that their hunger, their exercise levels to you. The match went away from them.
You have got to give Kerry credit. It was left by everybody out there. We’d a lot of concerns across the Kerry players coming to the match. Paul Mannion was held by tadhg Morley into two points, Tom O’Sullivan held Con O’Callaghan to a point.
Up the other end, us settled down every time we needed it. Two times, Hill 16 started singing’Come on you boys in blue’, also O’Shea kicked out a free over the pub, merely to mention’lads, unwind’.
I can’t say enough.
Can Kerry leave it all ? It is possible to look it. Those Kerry gamers will feel a bit disappointed when they were four points down in half-time, they did not pull it. But they will get substantial impression. They will come up to Croke Park in a couple of weeks, stating’we could do so’.
Kerry would have walked off with it if they had taken their chances in the first half. So they will say -‘like we did two weeks 16, we need to start’.
They’re going to have the confidence that they can get it done. Whereas the drawn game, a lot of these young men, there was really much unidentified.
Kerry went up against the best group in the country, who were down to 14 men for 35 minutes. At Croke Park, it’s a significant pitch. You might get away with it into some of the venues that are local, but the size of the pitch, in this stadium, Kerry won’t have a chance.
But they’ll take confidence.
We spoke about it prior to the match – would Kerry handle the Dublin onslaught? It didn’t really come. They also forced a response from Dublin and moved up through the gears.
I think that they’re going to have better and better. They are after getting experience in spades. Within an All-Ireland closing, putting it up to the team.
That’s the task for Peter Keane – Can he really get a response and pull on those fellas off? The template is there. Mayo failed it. They arrived the moment back with gusto. They learned so much, took them in open combat plus it discommoded Dublin. It has been done by mayo. Kerry have completed it here.
They were taken by kerry into a location where they have not been because they played Mayo [in 2017]. They’re leaning off through Leinster, winning games in the Super 8s.
All of a sudden, there had to be a reply from them.
The trademark of a excellent team is how they respond to adversity.
But everybody believes Kerry have had their opportunity. That narrative will suit them moving to the replay.
There were indications of complacency from this Dublin team we were waiting on. We did not think the hype of five in a row.
However, I believe Dublin revealed heart – that was a match they could have dropped. Nevertheless, they hung out there.
You would expect a large response from Con O’Callaghan the Following Day, from Brian Fenton Paul Mannion and James McCarthy too.
In my viewpoint, Kerry will be disappointed. They had an opportunity to end the’drive’ and it wasn’t taken by them.
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