Return to Kansas (the Restaurant in Buenos Aires)

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American Food in Buenos Aires “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” Those famous words from the Wizard of Oz most likely will not cross your lips upon entering this restaurant. If anything, Kansas restaurant in Buenos Aires is a return to the food, decor, and restaurant style most Americans are accustomed to. Even though the food and restaurants in Argentina are superb, it is always nice to have a taste of home from afar. In addition, I heard from many Americans and Argentines that Kansas is a must see restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Upon arrival, the architecture and decor will immediately stir up memories of home. It is a very large restaurant with panoramic windows and a view of the extremely wide Avenida del Libertador and the hipódromo, which is where the horse races are held. There are large tables and booths with black leather seat coverings, dark wood, and romantic lighting. Dressy apparel is definitely appropriate for the atmosphere.

Fortunately, the food is just as amazing as the ambiance. I had the ribs, which Kansas is famous for. This meal choice included a good size and well flavored ceasar salad, which is hard to find in Argentina. While the dressing didn’t taste exactly like American ceasar, it had a surprising and noteworthy garlic flavor. I still cannot decide if I actually like it better than American ceasar dressing.

My ribs came shortly after on a plate accompanied by french fries and an astounding and rather fancy cole slaw. The ribs were tenderer than I could have imagined. The meat slid off of every bone I picked up! To complement my marvelous meal, I had a glass of Malbec red wine. Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, the waiter will bring you hot moist towels for your hands, as well as an unbelievable dessert menu!

The options were tough…carrot cake, brownie a la mode, key lime pie, cobbler, and cheesecake! I cannot vouch for all of the desserts, but I can recommend the carrot cake and brownie. Both were moist, warm, and will make your mouth water to return again and again. Everything about the restaurant was great and the prices were very reasonable for what you get. My meal, wine, and dessert added up to about $17 American dollars! I don’t know about you, but I may never want to return home to the real Kansas. I can find it all here and for a great price!


erez on April 10, 07

I think that this is the best resturant in BA !!

Joe Harrison on March 5, 09

Kansas is easily the best retaurant in Buenos Aires. The best food, the best service, the best atmosphere, the best location, parking. There is not even a close second. There is one near the Hippodrome, horserace track, on Ave Libertador not far from Plaza Italy. The other, and better, is in Martinez.

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