Bet Against the Public Results for the Previous 6 MLB Seasons

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MLB Database (2003-2008 Seasons)

We gathered betting data for every major U.S. sport since the 2003. We gather the opening and closing lines (and”line movement,” for a variety of sportsbooks) and closing scores — and possibly above all, our proprietary”betting percentages.”
Our database for MLB includes games over the previous six seasons. For the purposes of this guide, spring training, we comprise the playoffs, but exclude. Comparable to hockey, baseball is a”moneyline” game, so that we emphasize”units won” (and not winning percent ).
MLB – Betting Against the Public Much like last year, we now present results for”Betting Against the Public” at various thresholds of gambling percentage AND for home teams and visiting groups.
Table 1: MLB and Betting Against the Public (2003-2008 Seasons)
Bet% Home Visitor Total
50 +103 -54 +49 units
40 +91 -30 +61
30 +64 +13 +77
25 +67 -46 +21
20 +20 -4 +16
15 +28 -5 +23
Using the Table
* In addition to general”Bet Against” outcomes, we have broken out how Betting Against the Public works if a team is either a Home group or even a Visitor.
* For instance, if a Home team has less than 30% of the public betting on these (Visitor has more than 70 percent of people ), this scenario resulted in +64 units!
* On the other hand, visitors with significantly less than 30 percent of the stakes (greater than 70 percent of stakes on Home team), resulted in +13 units.
* It’s important to be aware the Betting Percentage data comes from our propriety gambling percentage information from seven sportsbooks. We provide the most complete picture of the sports betting market. Using betting percentage data from a dream or just 1 or two sportsbooks bet sites will certain produce results.

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