Iguazú Falls, Argentina’s Crown Jewel

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Iguazu Falls Misiones ArgentinaArgentina’s Travel Guide is thrilled to present to our readers our new, completely up to date and simply fantastic guide to Argentina’s crown jewel, Iguazú Falls.

Our expert author, Rafaela Gunner, takes us on a trip down the steep falls to the roiling water below, through the old Jesuit missions of the 17th century and into nearby mines of semi-precious stones.

This is a guide you don’t want to miss and a destination that should be on the top of any visitor’s list of places to see in Argentina along with the Perito Moreno Glacier and the tango bars of Buenos Aires.



matt on March 1, 08

i was in argentina for two years and had the chance to visit iguazu on the last few days of my time there..
STAY in the sheraton that overlooks the falls..pricey but worth spending the extra bucks on. also take the raft trip and boat trips..totally worth it. this is probably one of the most beautiful places i have been to.

César González on March 3, 08

Thanks for the tip Matt!

[…] Iguazu Falls in Argentina, on the Brazil border. The upper track of the National Park is fully wheelchair […]

matt on March 7, 08

very true, the ramps are all wheelchair accesible. To do the boat/raft adventures would be impossible due to very steep stairs going up and down to the banks of the river. Also heading to the pathway that takes you to the mouth if the falls there is a short ride on a little train. I think it would be possible for someone in a wheelchair to ride on. Again such a beautiful place in the world.
Watch the movie The Mission with Robert Dinero to see some amazing footage of the beautiful scenery.

Nick T. on April 1, 08

I’m going to be there in june, I know it will be winter but what kind of temperatures should I expect in the Iguazu area??

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