A Trip to the Buenos Aires Zoo

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Buenos Aires Zoo Seal ShowI had heard that the Buenos Aires Zoo is not a good trip to take if you are an animal lover. However, what zoo is a good place to go if you are an animal lover? I was not planning on visiting this attraction, but a friend of mine absolutely recommended it. Even though upsetting, she said it was a cool experience because you can get much closer to many of the animals. Therefore, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I decided to take her recommendation seriously, and I went to the Buenos Aires Zoo.

I bought the “Pasaporte Ahorro” which allowed me to enter all of the exhibits such as the reptile and rain forest area as well as the aquarium. This entrance ticket cost $12.50 pesos and it was well worth it. The only thing we paid extra for was the seal show.

Feeding the Animals at the Buenos Aires ZooIn general, I can not deny I enjoyed myself. The Buenoa Aires zoo was a good size, and as told, I was able to get close to many of the animals. The zoo even sells little buckets of animal food. I have not been to a zoo in the states for a long time, but I do not remember ever being able to feed the animals! It was fun to watch little kids timidly hold food out in front of hungry llamas. However, there were some living conditions that upset me – such as those of the polar bears and penguins. On the other hand, the living conditions in all zoos are upsetting, so it would not be fair to point fingers only at the Buenos Aires zoo.

Buffalo in Buenos Aires ZooThe zoo really did have a wide assortment of animals. Tigers, panthers, leopards, polar bears, penguins, reptiles, fish, seals, elephants, hippos, giraffes and even some animals known only to be in South America. It was also common to see a random bird skimmer across the pathway! I am still unsure if these birds were supposed to be in a cage or not! They were quite large and did not look like your everyday city bird.

Overall, the highlight for me was seeing the seal show…at least I think they were seals! The seals danced, did tricks, gave themselves an applause, and were always rewarded with several fish. It was very entertaining, and the seals truly seemed happy. On the whole, you will have to decide for yourself whether or not to go to the zoo. If you can not handle the zoos in the states, you will not like the zoo in Buenos Aires either. However, it was a nice and relaxing outing. It was a nice change to see some animal life after looking at buildings and taxis all day long.

Buenos Aires Zoo
Avenue Sarmiento and Avenue Las Heras
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: 4011-9900


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