Beat the Buenos Aires Rainy Day Blues

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Buenos Aires Rainy Day

With more rainy days forecasted for this week, looking for things to do requires extra creativity and research. It is still summer and I am a firm believer that the warm weather should be enjoyed to its fullest, rain or shine. There is no reason to mope around at home and turn into a couch potato or a video game junkie. Here is a contingency plan that will help you beat the rainy day blues.


Movie theaters do more than rescue us from the hot weather; they also protect us from the rain. Due to the recent Oscar Awards, the billboards are full of great movies. Juno, Eastern Promises, There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd and Atonement, all Oscar nominees, are playing right now, so there is an excellent choice of can’t miss movies.
Visit this website to find a movie theater near you.

movies.jpgNot everyone likes a Hollywood blockbuster. Teatro San Martin offers a great alternative to indie film lover. Their cinema program includes 19 different movies by directors that helped define the 60s. Look for Warhol, Burroughs & Brakhage: Vanguardistas Neoyorquinas de los ’60 until March 5.

Another exhibition running until March 23 is John Ford, unknown. Playing is a collection of 19 unedited John Ford films dating from 1920-1952. Tickets can be bought six days in advance (including the day of the show) at Teatro San Martin.

Teatro San Martin
Sala Leopolo Lugones
Ave. Corrientes 1530
Tel.: 0800-333-5254

In addition, the Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) also offers a variety of great classical films this month by directors John Ford, Saumuel Fuller and Nicholas Ray.

Pub Crawl

Beer Buenos aires

Thanks for Beer O’clock to him

Sidewalk cafes are out of the question in days like these. Meet up with your friend or friends for an indoor drink. The city has many options and you probably have your favorite pub. Mine is Antares. This brewery offers style, quality and a young trendy scene. The staff is always eager to explain the subtleties of each of its deliciously homemade beers, the food is great and hours go by unnoticed.

Armenia 1447 – Palermo
Tel: 4833-9611



Thanks for Bowling Balls to her

Bowling is an activity that guarantees a good time. It is fun and requires little or no experience. Plus, you’ll be surprised to find out that you get a great work out as well. Gather up your friends and turn a gloomy day into a fun one. Playing Squash instead of the tennis is also a good alternative on rainy days. Cabildo Village in Palermo offers both, bowling and squash, in one location.

Cabildo Village
Av. Cabildo 440 –
Tel: 011-47719719/47758358

Visit the Argentine yellow pages website for a bowling alley or squash court near you.

Shopping Malls

Galerias Pacifico Shopping Center Buenos Aires Argentina

Thanks for Galerias Pacifico to him

If friends are not available, grab an umbrella and a trench coat and go solo. Discover a new shopping mall or visit an old one. It is always a rainy day option. A book or music store will also entertain you for hours. Look into the bestseller sections for that book you started reading the day you were in a hurry, to see if it is worth buying. Most bookstores have coffee shops inside for a total reader’s experience.

These are some of malls in BA: Alto Palermo (Santa Fe Av. 3253), Buenos Aires Design Center, (Pueyrredón Av. 2501), Paseo Alcorta, (Salguero Jerónimo 3172), Patio Bullrich (Av. del Libertador 750), Spinetto (Moreno and Pichincha), El Solar de la Abadía: (Luis Maria Campos and Maure), Abasto de Buenos Aires (Corrientes 3727), Village Recoleta (Vicente López and Junín), and Caballito Shopping Center (Rivadavia Av. 5000).

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