Need Dental Work? Take a Vacation to Argentina Instead.

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Medical tourism to Argentina is growing steadily as the world finds out that doctors and dentists here are well-trained, bright, and equipped with the latest technology. Not to mention, that peace of mind comes at a fraction of the price.

You wouldn’t normally even dream of combining your vacation to Buenos Aires or Patagonia with your need for a root canal, but this practice is becoming more and more common. Drs. Gustavo and Marisol Telo, for example, built their practice around tourists, who account for about 50% of their clients. For the traveler, the thousands of dollars saved on the dental work are justifiably spent on the plane ticket and the hotel, leaving them happy with his discounted vacation.

And dental work isn’t the only kind of treatment you can combine with your vacation. Along with new teeth, plastic surgery, lasik, and botox are all common souvenirs of your visit to Argentina.
Source: Tango with a Dentist


Alex Bo on March 5, 08

Dental tourism really becoming more and more popular. There is a growing interest from the side of dental patients.

For me is also interesting to know that Argentina popularize its dental tourism.

César González on March 6, 08

It just comes down to $$. I had exactly the same procedure done here and in the US, and even with insurance in the US, it cost twice as much.

montealegre11 on April 10, 08

The cost in the US is extremely high because surgical fees are composed of health insurance, executive expenses and overhead labor. US patients prefer countries with low cost of living to save more from their medical treatments.

Chris S on July 7, 08

I had a great experience at
I get 6 dental implants, no pain at all.
The doctor was ADA member and he was trained abroad as well. He has an impressive CV.
The office was nicer than my local dentist in US.
I highly recommend them.

Ezequiel - Mexico DF on September 4, 08

I recommend Dra.Romano in Buenos Aires. Great prices and treatments, nice office and a worm personality. I found a Dentist who doesn´t take advantage of foreigners. Her Email is

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Ursula - Florida, USA on January 27, 10

I had a wonderful experience with Dental Tourism in Argentina. I saw Dr. David Hazembuller in Buenos Aires for dental surgery. I had very little pain and my stitches healed surprisingly fast. I’m definitely going back if I need major dental work again. He specializes in implants and other oral surgeries. He told me he’s had patients from Thailand, Australia, Sweden, Iran, UK, Canada… he must be pretty popular. And of course, it was much cheaper than here in the US. His practice’s website is:

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