El Taller Bar in Plaza Serrano

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El Taller Bar, in Plaza Serrano Buenos AiresVampires and other light sensitive people should just stop reading this right now. El Taller Bar in Palermo SoHo is officially the brightest I’ve been in, ever. More light than the open walled Siberian tundra bar on a cloudless day. Frankly, it didn’t bother me, but a Swiss friend was really put off. He practically demanded we quickly finish our Heinekens and get the hell out. I’m looking into the possibility he has recently been bitten by a vampire or is in fact one already.

Now, it’s not the bars intention to make people uncomfortable, although it seems to be an effect they aren’t too upset about creating. As far as I can gather the reason for the lights is to illuminate one entire wall that displays paintings for sale by local artists, many of which are of the non-realist, colorful variety. Maybe they are borrowing the psychology of casino lighting as well, where you don’t let the customers respond to their natural circadian rhythms by taking away time cues such as darkness. This combats off sleep, and no one can drink when they are asleep, no matter how badly they want to.

El Taller Bar - the art wall

With the art as it is and the light as it is the crowd at El Taller Bar is unsurprisingly cool and attractive; young and hip. Plus, another bonus is that people possessing unbecoming physical traits tend to shy from the light. You won’t see acne Bob Pickering hanging out here, or Marlene with her enormous blemish and straw-light hair (this is a bad joke that doesn’t convey well via the written word, but trust me I’m not being serious).

We used this place as a jump-off point (to quote Missy Elliot, which should normally be avoided at all costs) for the evening. It was nice: low maintenance, young crowd, located in Plaza Serrano. The whole square is pretty much characterized by its young artsy feel and dual purpose as a place to hang out before going to a club or just a chill out spot for a night that isn’t going to get too crazy.

El Taller Bar
Plaza Serrano, Palermo SoHo

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