Review of Job’s Bar in Palermo

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Job's Bar in PalermoWith its beer hall feel and large selection of drinks Job’s Bar in Palermo pretty much guarantees that your pool skills will increase slightly before plummeting to the depths of ineptitude.  And if you get sick of just drinking 15 peso pitchers, other standards, or daiquiris and coffee, then you can try to rebound with a dose of serious grease thanks to their limited American menu. They can fire you up a hot dog (3 pesos), burger (4-6 pesos), fries (5 pesos), toasted sandwiches (3.5 pesos), omelettes (4-6 pesos), or a pizza (14 pesos).

The crowd here was a collection of pods, small flocks of friends, some of whom were migrating between pool tables, foosball, and the “drinking tables.” Other groups staked out a locale and stuck to it. There seemed to be many travellers or foreigners who were studying here or living here for a short period of time. The unpretentious air and straightforwardness of the place (no bullroar, just come have fun and play some games!) reflected itself in the clothes people were rocking: board shorts, sandals, tank tops, jock straps. (Ok, there were no jock straps, that I saw). However, you may want to consider wearing some pantaloons or shorts that highlight your hiney because there is practically a gallery of onlookers and people waiting to play that can gander at your kiester as you struggle to look the least bit talented. Most of the tables on the first and second floor are precariously placed by some standard tables for drinking and eating, which not only sometimes interferes with the pool cue, but offers spectators a comfortable post to gawk from.

The place has 24 pool tables (3 pesos a game) and a couple of foosball tables and some darts. It wasn’t slammed on a Thursday night, but it wasn’t dead, however, it was ruthlessly hot. I actually rolled up my jeans into some kind of salute to Tom Sawyer. So, for maximum heat, a potential line out the door, and a minimal drink consumption ticket purchase try coming on a Tuesday or Saturday, when they also open up another floor for some serious dance action. However, if you are going to call it an early night check it out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. Job’s is not open on Monday.

Job’s Bar
Corner of Aguero and Arenales (one block off of Santa Fe)
Zona Barrio Norte / Palermo

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