Lounge: Mundo Bizarro in Plaza Serrano

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Mundo Bizarro on the outsideA little sultry with its red decor and fuzzy, low lighting, Mundo Bizarro Lounge felt like it could have been at home in LA or New York. But for some reason the crowd was thin; about a third of the customers were friends of a friend who was having a birthday party.

However, after a few minutes things did heat up, literally. The place was sweltering and I had to no choice but to strip down to my tank top. Luckily, among the relaxed, hip crowd and the bar owner’s circle this was entirely acceptable.

I hesitate to say this because it may make Mundo Bizarro look lame by comparison, but you should check out the bathrooms whether the alcohol has loosened up your bladder or not. Now, I only did some reconnaissance in the men’s room, but I assume the ladies also get to look at nice, funky wall art.

Mundo Bizarro LoungeI really liked the relaxed ambience with cool decorum and great music (¨People Are Strange¨ by The Doors was on when I walked in), but it really wasn’t very busy. I’m sure the ¨in crowd¨ knows not to go there on a Saturday night, or maybe we were just too early or too late. Either way, it’s a place I’ll be blessing with my unbelievable presence again.

Supposedly the place has good cocktails, but I can only personally say the Schneider’s draft tasted like Schneider’s draft: mediocre. At least they served it in mini-stein.

Mundo Bizarro
Located at Guatemala 4802, two blocks from Plaza Serrano
Tel. 4312 8275
Zona Palermo Viejo

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