Slow Dance Fans Mob Buenos Aires Planetarium

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Slow Dance Jam

It could be sweet …

On a dusky, late summer evening, a crowd of some four thousand people mobbed the lawn in front of the Palermo Planetarium to enjoy one of romance’s finest inventions—the slow dance. With a half moon floating appropriately over the Planetarium, the crowd of teens, 20 and 30-somethings and older couples gathered in the early twilight, awaiting the Que Vuelvan los Lentos, or the return of the slow dances, as the event was named.

In a world where fewer and fewer couples dance actually even touching each other, it was heartening and a bit surprising to hear, after a nearly hour and a half wait, the crowd roar it’s approval when the strains of “Everything I Do, I Do it For You,” the Bryan Adams ballad (who could forget?) floated across the lawn.


It was a short affair, an hour and a half at most, but the crowd soaked up every minute, swaying, kissing, showing off for the press, TV cameras and of course, singing along to every endearing word of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You” and other sticky love hits.


The informal event, carried out via mobile speakers set atop of a dented blue van parked in front of the park lawn was guerilla in nature, planned in advance only by a chain of emails that traveled through Buenos Aires’ social networks.

Half Moon Rises Above the Planetarium

It was a perfect setting for a little romance.

It was a perfect evening at the nearly beginning of autumn, sweet, but not bittersweet, still summer, with the sky clear overhead with plenty of stars. Just when it seemed yes, baby, it could last forever, the two gents with the van rather unceremoniously unplugged the speakers, turned off the volume and closed up shop, before 11 pm. Cheers, shouts of “Gracias!” and clapping filled the air as the van slowly began to creep down the lane and out of the park.

The crowd, still in the mood for love, remained, a few couples still swaying in the deepening dark.

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Cesar Gonzalez on March 14, 08

It was a blast! Did you hear that upwards of 4,000 people showed up?? God bless the internet.

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