Bar Ocho7Ocho (878 Thames) in Palermo SoHo

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Ocho7Ocho Bar at 878 Thames in Palermo SohoPeople like to feel they are in the know, on the inside, privy to the secret spot, cool enough to make the cut. Since the economic crisis a number of hidden establishments have risen to fill in the vacated sense of elitism brought about by any tourists ability to come in and live like a rock star. Many of these places serve food and drinks early and turn into clubs later. Some also require a membership and invitation. However, Ocho7Ocho can provide you with a taste of what a speakeasy might have been like without the acrid aftertaste of pretension.

Other than its lack of a sign it is pretty much just a really nice bar with an incredible selection of drinks. Outside the large door, with its average number plate, is a standard buzzer, but when the waitress opens the door for you the façade of a house opens up into large room with a high ceiling that is cleanly decorated; a textile factory turned bar complete with tables, chairs, sofas, music, people, and all. Because of its size the space gives a nice sense of tranquillity and space.

We went on a Wednesday night, wearing jeans, sneakers, and some tees. No problem getting in whatsoever, so don’t worry about any sense of high society coming from behind the unmarked door. There were only a few servers drifting from table to table dropping off various orders from the extensive alcohol list so the service was a little slow, but hey, this is Argentina. A friend of mine got a White Russian, which I hadn’t yet seen here. The menu also has Chimay blue and Grolsch. They can you make lychee or mango martinis and the hard alcohol section has both Whisky and Whiskey. It is pretty obvious the place has its act together.

If you are an early bird and don’t mind sitting in a nearly empty bar check out the happy hour everyday from 8
pm-10pm. They have a short list of drink specials that include imports and other specialty drinks.

878 Thames
Palermo Soho


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