Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires

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st. patrick’s day

St. Patrick’s Day the Buenos Aires way means a giant street party. Thanks to Kollege for the photo.

Down a Guinness, put on your greenest t-shirt and do St. Patrick’s day the BA way– bounce down to the ten-block street party in Retiro. Today is St. Patrick’s day worldwide, and though you may be as far from Ireland as you are from China, the city of Buenos Aires still has plenty to offer to get your yearly green fix, whether you’re Irish or not.

For starters, the city has designated the downtown area between Marcelo T. Alvear, 25 de Mayo, Reconquista, San Martin, and Avenida Cordoba for its public celebration. These streets will be closed to vehicle traffic and will host music, drinks, food, and fun. The turnout will be big, considering that Argentina has the world’s 5th largest Irish population, 500,000, as well as a thriving Irish pub scene.

If you’re determined to celebrate in a pub, check out one or many of the local favorites. Downtown, check out Kilkenny, which is near the designated street party area. In Recoleta, try The Shamrock, which boasts itself as the largest Irish pub in the city. In Palermo, go to Sullivan’s. Though it’s a bit smaller than the previously mentioned bars, it’s authentically Irish flare will surely draw the attention of busy Patty’s day pub-goers.

If you have an insatiable hankering for a Guinness, beware. Due to its limited popularity and high import tariffs, a pint can run you up to $20 pesos in a bar, which is about twice the price of domestic beers. Also, be prepared for long lines and waits at local Irish hot spots. If waits and long lines aren’t your thing, head to Jumbo, a supermarket chain that specializes in imported groceries. Grab some Irish beer, corned beef and cabbage, and throw your own party. Today’s the day that everyone gets to be Irish, so enjoy.

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