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Click to Comment → Print released its first set of online travel videos chronicling the travels of the site’s founder and editor, Matt Stabile, in South America. The videos, exclusively available online, are a three-part series featuring Matt as he travels throughout Argentina and Chile, including Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco, the Andes Mountains, Santiago, and the Maipo Valley.

As is evident from his travels, a whole generation of young travelers — those who make up the majority of’s readers — are discovering South America and are traveling there in droves, making it one of the hottest destinations for the under-35 crowd. Many are heading to Argentina where the generous exchange rate of 3 to 1 makes it one of the most affordable destinations in the world. Others are visiting the western coast, from Chile to Peru, discovering the ancient cultures, amazing beaches, and laid-back lifestyle that this region is known for.

The Expeditioner is an online travel magazine catering to young travelers, featuring videos and articles written by some of the best travel writers in the world. Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2007, has quickly grown into one of the internet’s hottest travel publications, viewed by over 100,000 unique visitors last year. More information about can be acquired by e-mailing Matt at

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