Post Claims Times’ Lee Pulled Prose from Newsweek

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Today’s story on expat blog The Argentine Post claims New York Times reporter Denny Lee’s recent story, entitled “Argentine Nights,” stole material from a Newsweek article written over a year ago. This claim comes within a week after a barrage of complaints on the accuracy of Lee’s article sent the blogosphere buzzing in a rabid frenzy to discredit the author’s credibility.

The Post’s Taos Turner quotes multiple passages from both articles, drawing similarities in tone, style, and references. The original story, entitled “The Capital of Cool,” was written by Brian Byrnes in January 2007. Though Turner does not accuse Lee of plagiarism, he suggests that Lee used the Newsweek piece for most of his info without citing, quoting, or referencing Byrnes’ original work.

Via: The Argentine Post

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