Lagos de Palermo – Lakes and Parks in Buenos Aires

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Bridge over Palermo Lake in Buenos AiresFor a respite from the chaos and airbrakes of Capital Federal, not to mention some sweet paddleboat action, take a quick trip to the very accessible lakes in Palermo. I mean, they are only a short ride on the D line Subte away. Come on, its nothing. After getting off at the Palermo station stop take a stroll down Avenida Internacional Bullrich for about eight blocks and you have arrived at the shores of serenity. Or, if you prefer, you can ask a taxi to take you to the corner (la esquina) of Avenida Libertador and Iraola.

The scene is much like any other city lake, with sunbathers, groups of adolescents, sauntering couples, and lazy weekend athletes kicking around the old soccer ball. A bike lane that circles the park area is used by joggers and retro conscious rollerbladers. It’s got a little bit of a much smaller, deforested Central Park at times. Did I mention, much, much smaller?

Lake in Although the approach to the lake may be a little disappointing because of patchy grass, splotches of dirt, and gnarly tree roots, the lawns right on the shores are quite nice. Also, just next door there is a manicured Rose Garden with some great walkways weaving through fountains and busts on pedestals. If you continue along the paths you can make your way to a floral archway and little pedestrian bridge that spans a narrow section of pond water. To really get into it, try renting a paddleboat or row boat to cruise the waters. Fans of Monet will want to pass under the footbridge, no doubt.

Rose Garden in PalermoThe lakes is a great place to just relax on a nice day or to incorporate into a tour of the area since it is close to many of areas of interest including the Japanese Garden, Planetarium, Polo Field, the Palermo Hippodromo, and Las Canitas. As another point of interest, at night or in the early hours of the morning this area is called the red zone and is filled with transsexuals doing their thing. Investigation in progress…


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