Say it Ain’t So: Argentina Asado Writer Going Green

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In a bold blogging move of meaty proportions, Asado blogger and foodie Marc from Asado Argentina is becoming a vegetarian. Marc’s site is one of the more popular Argentine food blogs solely dedicated to the local art of salted, grilled, thick red meat, known to all Argentines as the Asado. One man’s quest to find the “perfect Asado”is now sadly over for the time being. In the past, his site covered recipes, regional tastes, tips on cooking different meats, and even non-Asado food tips for any hungry Argentine traveler.

According to his post, his reasons are deep, and he feels he needs a lifestyle change. “I feel as if I’ve unbuckled a backpack with a ton of bricks off my shoulders.” he writes, “Now, I’m sure this comes as a disappointment to many of you, that’s an understatement, but I sincerely hope that you understand how important all of this is for me. It’s a personal challenge that I truly need to overcome.” We will miss the advice on Asados Marc, hopefully you won’t miss the meat.

Via: Asado Argentina

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