Hundreds of Angry Cows Paralyze Downtown Buenos Aires

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BUENOS AIRES — Argentina’s three-week-old farm strike took a turn for the worse today when protesting farmers released hundreds of cows into the Buenos Aires’ city center. The herds have apparently gone unfed for days, and the angry cows are now wreaking havoc on downtown Buenos Aires, bringing traffic and commerce to a halt. Reports have come in of the cows breaking into the city’s supermarkets, restaurants, and terrifying the city’s schoolchildren.

Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner went on national television last week and said plainly that she will not negotiate with the strikers. Farmers hope that the 50 cows defecating outside the Casa Rosada and grazing in Plaza de Mayo will change her mind.


Emily Crawford on April 1, 08

I wish I’d brought my lasso to work today!

Nacho on April 1, 08

The cows are on my house to. They comes to eat the grass and the flours!

Andrew T. Jackson on April 1, 08

New story. Dog sh– v. Cow sh–, which is worse? I vote Cow. 🙂

Pete Bollini on April 1, 08

Cowsh…in the treets of Buenos Aires and bulsh…inside the Pink House. Interesting if explosive combination.

Cata on April 1, 08

woohoo! there’s meat in town again! sweet! who wants a churrasquito?

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