Unico Bar in Buenos Aires

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06surf1.jpgAt 2 am it was loud, crowded, and possibly the host bar for a Jewish wedding. This is the quick brushstroke of Unico, a bar in Palermo Viejo that feels like everyone there buys into its name, “The Only One.” Loud and crowded are easily defended claims, whereas the wedding comment is only a slight spur because while we sat outside on the sidewalk a person or persons kept dropping glasses, necessitating the repeated broom and pan work of an unlucky employee. Apparently, it is like this all the time.

However, aside from these initial lo-lights, Unico did offer a little something that was different for me: an average customer age above 25, complete with older guys (who can also be found in droves at Opera Bay or Museum on Wednesdays), but also older women, who until now I thought turned into statues at midnight.

After a quick thirst fuelled tour (not curiosity driven) of the small inside, complete with a miniscule dance floor we left the suckers behind and went back to the sidewalk to wait for a table, respective drinks in hand. Although we were a nice group of six, there was a slightly sharkish feel here with small pairing of either all guys or girls engaged in the social dance of subtle or straightforward advances and the parrying that follows. It really felt like a pickup spot, but maybe that was exaggerated in my eyes because two tandems of men were quite unabashedly staring at the girls we were with.

I suggest not necessarily coming to Unico after spending time in a very relaxed Vietnamese resto-lounge if you are very tired, but otherwise it is lively, in an uninspiring way. Beware of the mojitos, which were barely drinkable.

Unico Bar
Honduras 5604, zona Palermo
Tel: 4775-6693
Monday to Friday from noon – night.
Saturday & Sundays night only.

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