0800-VINO Delivers Argentina’s Premium Wines with Class

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Tastes of 0800 VinoThere is nothing I love more than a delivery service, especially one that makes life easier for me. I was just wondering what kind of wine I’d like to showcase at our next Argentina’s Travel Guide bash when the answer came to me in the form of an 800 number. I’m thrilled to share with you my find: a new Buenos Aires-based premium wine delivery business called 0800-VINO. These guys bring a new, luxury dynamic to the concept of “delivery.”

Catering to locals, tourists and expatriates who want to sip the finest of Argentina’s wines, 0800-VINO is the first premium wine delivery company in the city. Operating within the radius of Buenos Aires, 0800-VINO delivers from its own wine cave located in the Abasto neighborhood, to restaurants, hotels, businesses and personal homes for events, meetings, special occasions or a simple dinner party, without a delivery charge. One may choose from over 250 varietals from almost 40 leading Argentine bodegas.

Started by business partners Nigel Tollerman, 0800’s sommelier and manager and his business partner, Roberto Canay, the company also offers wines from France, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand. With an emphasis on personalized service, 0800 prides itself on providing its customers with wine and service at the same price as local wine outlets. I don’t know about you, but I love getting a deal without having to leave my house or do too much homework!

Check out the complete wine list via their website, www.0800-vino.com or call, free of charge, 0800 122 VINO (8466) Tuesday through Sunday. Deliveries to your door follow directly.


STANKOV on June 3, 08


Samuel M. on August 27, 09

Interesting post. I’ve seen 0800-Vinos save parties from dying many times.

I’ve taken the delivery concept to the next level by creating a website that delivers pizza, empanadas, icecream, chinese food, sushi, and alcohol-


We’ve translated the menus as well, making it easy for expats and tourists to order.

Keep up the good writing.

Kat on January 18, 10

The owner/proprietor is the most helpful and courteous person you could meet–and the service is fantastic! I ordered a bottle from overseas for a friend. Despite the fact that I was overseas as well and impossible to contact, he did everything he could to make sure it was delivered. When my friend’s schedule made delivery impossible, he declined to accept payment–even though I offered since he had gone to such trouble. I never write reviews, but I thought this was the least I could do. Highest recommendation!

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