Ditch the Tour Guide, Download a Walking Tour to Buenos Aires

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mp3tourslogoExploring one of the world’s most exciting cities, Buenos Aires, has never been this fun. Here’s a little secret to the best city tour ever: ditch the tour guide and the herd mentality. Instead, pull out your ipod or mp3 player and download a mp3 walking tour and digital map from MPTours. It’s the best bet for a cinematic, engaging and insider’s guide to Buenos Aires’ most fascinating neighborhoods.

Inexpensive at $19.99, the walking tours to Palermo, San Telmo and Recoleta are easy to download and chock full of dynamite information for independent travelers who want to roam at will.

Started by two former college roommates (of course), MPTours.com has created a travel experience that caters to the five senses and explores architecture, culture and history in the world’s most dynamic cities without the lag time that often occurs in tour groups.

Your audio guide speaks to you as a friend, and clues you in to much more than just the must see sights. Actually, the best part is the dynamics of everything else—the local flavor is such that you leave the barrio feeling like it’s your new home.

MPTours got its start in Buenos Aires and has set its sights next on a city that could be BA’s sister city: Rome.

We can hardly wait.


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