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The BA ExpatsBuenos Aires is a large city, and despite the fact that it may seem deceptively European at first glance, many things are different here and it will take time and effort to feel your way around. In my first week in the capital I had many pressing problems and questions that needed answering. Unfortunately, I had no one to ask where to buy baby food, find shoes that fit my big feet-size 41 or 8-or where I should send my eldest boy to kindergarten. I ended up accosting unsuspecting mothers in playgrounds, asking (nicely if with a shade of panic) to know where they sent their children to school.

With time, experimentation and lots of searching, I got to know my way around and am now a self proclaimed expert on these topics. However a few weeks ago a friend recommended me the new expat forum at I signed up, which was quick and easy, and had a look around at the forums.

There is a wealth of information to be had there. The site is very much alive and kicking, and you can expect a quick reply to any questions you may have, and even to questions you did not know you had.

On the site you will find information about a wide range of topics, such as: where to get an immigration lawyer; which are the best areas to live in Buenos Aires; how to get a job teaching English; what is the cost of living in Argentina compared to the US and information on travel destinations.

And last but not least, I stumbled across a message from a German girl, asking where in Buenos Aires she might be able to find size 41 shoes. People had tried to be helpful and one cheeky poster suggested she find out where transvestites buy their shoes.

Creative thinking! Anyway, I was more than happy to put in my two cents and share my hard earned knowledge with the answer of the shoe shops Mishka, Bottana and Perrugia.

For those who are still wondering about baby food, the answer is in pharmacies, not supermarkets!

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