Argentine Jewish Groups Enraged Over Hitler Birthday Bash in BA

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Argentine authorities are investigating a concert held by local Neo-Nazi groups celebrating the birthday of the late Adolf Hitler recently in Buenos Aires. The groups involved reportedly also celebrated the period of government “disappearances”, in an effort to gain strength for their ultra right-wing cause. Argentina has the continent’s largest population of Jewish citizens, and boasts things like the largest Jewish temple in the Americas and the only Kosher McDonald’s outside of Israel. Local Jewish leaders expressed their “repudiation” towards the event, and hope that this is an isolated incident.

Argentina is also well known for being a historic refuge for Nazi war criminals who fled Germany after WWII. Argentine officials have worked diligently over the past 50 years to capture and prosecute said criminals, and the country prides itself on being both ethnically equal and open to diversity. Politics aside, the country is striving to make sure that people of all races and religions feel welcome as both visitors and residents. No arrests have been made yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

Via: The Latin Americanist

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