Unfair Argentine Airline Ticket Pricing Worries Consumer Rights Group

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Flying domestically within Argentina is popular with tourists and travelers looking to see as much of the country as they can with a limited amount of time. Many travelers, however, are stunned when they find out that their airline tickets can cost up to twice as much as what locals pay, due to federal subsidies. This year, the government passed a bill that would eliminate this price inequity, but it has yet to take effect. This worries consumer rights groups who believe that it could eventually lead to a slump in the ongoing tourist boom in Argentina. The subsidies were first initiated after the economic collapse of 2001, when many Argentines lost their life savings and couldn’t afford to travel. Though the fares are not affecting international travel into the capital, they are affecting local itineraries to places such as Iguazu, which sees the most amount of tourists annually, outside of the capital.

Via: Reuters

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Rohan on July 8, 08

Does anyone know what would happen if I buy tickets online from the Aerolineas website posing as a local (which gives me a cheaper price) and use these tickets in Argentina. What could the repercussions be ?

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