The Weekend Buzz: Autumn Winds

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If you’ve been in Buenos Aires the past week or so, you’ve noticed that the Autumn is officially here. Leaves are falling from trees, the air is getting a bit crisper, and twilight is coming a bit earlier. The buzz of a new school year hovers around the city’s universities and high schools. And the city is alive with energy, spilling out of the bars in San Telmo, into the bustling heart of downtown, and to the stylish outdoor patios of Palermo restaurants. Want to join in on all the fun? Here’s a few suggestions for this week.

Go Read a Book! Literally, at the Buenos Aires International BookFair. It seems like every week, there’s some sort of international art event going on in this city. Just as the highly successful Film Festival leaves town, the book festival kicks into action. Tom Wolfe is the featured speaker and author, but thousands of others in the industry from all over the world will be there to participate in the event. The Book Fair started this past Tuesday, but will run until May 8, so there’s plenty of time left to go check it out. Prices for the event vary, and it’s being held at the Rural Exhibition Center in Palermo on Santa Fe and Sarmiento, near Plaza Italia.

Check out The Telecom Art Festival. Known as the Festival Telecom, this two-day event specializes in showcasing contemporary and live art. There will be photography and art exhibits, as well as dance performances, live music, and even film screenings. Tickets vary in price, and are available through Ticketek Online. The festival is being held at the Auditorio Buenos Aires on Pueyrredon 2501. Check out their homepage for more info.

Get your tunes on with Juana Chang and Senorita Carolina at Centro Cultural San Martin this Friday night. Juana and Senorita bring a caffeine-binge-infused mix of hyper-punk and 80s new wave to the stage. Get ready to jump around and go crazy, as their crowds are known to be high energy and lively. These girls kick ass, and this show is not to be missed. Doors open at 9pm, and tickets go for $2 pesos. Centro Cultural San Martin is located at Sarmiento 1551.

Check out the last performance this year of La Bomba de Tiempo at Ciudad Konex. La Bomba is a percussive orchestra which does entirely improvised performances that will rock your inner rhythm into the stratosphere, and will shake your soul with buttery primal beats. Ok, ok, so I know this is called The Weekend Buzz, and La Bomba is a weekly Monday event, but I’d be remiss not to give it mention for its final performance of the year. This is one of BA’s most popular weekly parties, and Monday night will be their last performance of the year. Ciudad Konex is on Sarmiento 3131 near Plaza Once in Abasto. Tickets are $10 pesos and can be purchased at the door.

Ok muchachos y muchachas, that’s it for this week. Go out and paint the town red, soak up some art, and let your rhythmic soul free. I’ll catch up with you next week. And, of course, if you know of anything going down, let a gringo know. Stay safe and have fun.


Heather on May 12, 08

my friends and i are coming to buenos aires next week for the first time! we’re super excited!

thanks for the buzz- you make it sound like fun!

martina kohl on June 1, 09

when will you be posting things for june! i arrived a few days ago a few people told me about your side but i am surprised that you are not showing things that will be coming up. it is all things that have come and gone!
it would be great to be able to plan ahead!
please let me know when i can expect to see a june schedule!


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