Tired of Mate, Meat, and Milongas? What do You Miss Most from Your Hometown?

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Expat blogger Shanie from Living in Patagonia posts a great question today on her site. What do you miss most from your home country. For many expats who have made the leap and committed to living in Argentina, homesickness is common. It can be fleeting and short-lived, but it’s natural to miss things that remind you of where your from. Sure, the prices are cheaper here, the tango is tantalizing, and the meat is better. But there are still little creature comforts that only home can provide.

Most often, people miss food. Food from home often reminds us of distinct memories or friends and family. For Shanie, it’s Thai food and skiing at California’s Squaw Valley. For others, it’s the conveniences that they miss most. Not waiting on line, no farm strikes, 24-hour stores, and customer service are biggies for many Americans living here. For others, it could range anywhere from weather, language, urban/rural preferences, and music. It’s important to remind ourselves sometimes that despite being in love with the new culture we’ve settled into, it’s OK to miss our own.

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Lucas Lugo on November 20, 08

I am a native Argentine citizen who lived in the United States for about 7 years. I am now back in Argentina and i miss the USA a lot. I miss convenience, safety and just the way of living.

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