A Shopper’s Guide to Great Leather Deals in BA

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Thanks to Blmurch for This Photo

Thanks to Blmurch for This Photo

Attention shoppers: mark the intersection of Murillo and Scalabrini Ortiz on your maps for serious deals. This is leather central. You name it and it is here– jackets, purses, wallets, shoes, furs, etc. The neighborhood is off the tourist beaten path so the barrio isn’t as pretty as parts of Palermo but the rents are cheaper and so are the goods.

There are at least four solid blocks of leather goods stores on Murillo, and other possibilities scattered along the streets of Corrientes, Malabia, Acevedo and Warnes.

My current three favorite destinations in this ‘hood are Beith Cuer, Carteras Brescia, and Estilo Pasion. These stores are stand-outs because they don’t give you the hard sell. You can take your time shopping and are approached only when you ask for it.

Beith Cuer is for the discerning shopper and is full of high quality leather goods. Of particular interest are its tasteful purses and men’s wallets. These are the kinds of items that Wall Street professionals would be happy to flaunt. It’s one of the higher-end stores in the area so expect to pay anywhere between $30-$150 USD for purses and $20-$40 USD for wallets.

Estilo Pasion is Argentina memorabilia central. It is stocked full of official soccer gear, including my favorite, a simple men’s black Adidas number that runs about $35 USD. The store also has adult and children t-shirts, wallets, and lots of cute coin purses for 8 to 15 pesos a shot.

Carteras Brescia is another destination with quality women’s leather jackets and purses. Claudia, the proprietor, goes out of her way to find what you’re looking for in her small but well stocked store. In our case, we purchased a women’s motorcycle jacket for $150 USD. Claudia can also shorten or lengthen sleeves as needed on the spot.

A ten percent discount is given for cash purchases in most stores. U.S. dollars and credit cards are accepted in most places as well.

The only downside to this shopping district is that many stores believe in the hard sell. They’ll try convincing you that that tight shoe you’re trying on will stretch or that the jacket that’s swallowing is supposed to fit big. Just don’t let yourself be talked into buying something you’re not sure of. There are plenty of choices around so take your time, window shop, and comparison shop.


Murillo and Scalabrini Ortiz

Getting there:

55 bus from Palermo, cab, or Malabia subte stop (Linea B)

Shop names and addresses:

Beith Cuer

Murillo 525



Carteras Brescia

Acevedo 119


Estilo Pasion

Murillo 749


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