NY Wine Reviewer Gives ’07 Argentine Malbec Good Marks

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Wines, specifically Malbecs, are a staple of Argentine cuisine and culture, and are a major export for the South American nation. Recently, NY-based wine blog WineHazard reviewed the 2007 Santa Cecilia Malbec, and overall the reviews were positive. Upon tasting the Malbec, Eric of WineHazard says that “The finish is long, with remaining tannins and the residual fruit flavors. Chocolate, all spice, smoky blueberry are mid-palate in this medium body, medium acidity wine. Big fruit, with lots of plum and blueberry upfront.” The wine is priced by its online distributor at $9 USD per bottle, which is expensive by Argentine standards, but a steal for any NY wine fanatic. This Malbec, like most, comes from the Mendoza region of the country, which is a huge destination for both wine buyers and tourists visiting South America.

Via: WineHazard

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