Kosher-Themed Tour Company Eyes Argentine Jewish Market

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Kosher tourism, although a new market, is emerging as a viable business in Argentina. Kosherlat, a Jewish tour company specializing in Kosher-themed tourism, is now giving three-hour tours of Buenos Aires. In reality, the company focuses more on Buenos Aires’ rich Jewish cultural and religious history, rather than Kosher food. However, this niche market has proven successful, and providing both cultural, religious, and culinary tours gives the company an edge on the competition, which is so far non-existent. Argentina is well-known for having the continent’s largest Jewish community, including the largest temple, as well as the world’s only Kosher McDonald’s outside of Israel.

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Kosher Resorts on July 20, 08

Thanks for your post. Buenos Aires is vibrantly alive and just letting yourself get lost in its streets is certain to reveal hidden treasures. It boasts the widest avenue in the world, 9 de Julio, and the longest street in the world as well, calle Rivadavia.

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