The Weekend Buzz: Night Owl Edition

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Thanks to Bruno Girin for This Photo

Thanks to Bruno Girin for This Photo

Going out at night is more than just a fun hobby in BA, it’s a way of life. Much like southern Europe, it’s common to eat dinner as late as 11 or 12, and even families with small children can be seen munching into the wee hours of the night. Not that you’re small children, but if you’re in BA, you’re out late as well. This means that if you’re looking to paint the town red, you’re going late, hard, and fast. Here’s some great suggestions on what to do this weekend that will surely appease the nightlife junkie in you. Get ready for the late-night Weekend Buzz. Also, check out our in-depth nightlife guide for more on what to do and where to go.

Check out Fluo at Compass on Friday, the weekly party at Club Niceto in Palermo. The headliners for this party are techno-rock knuckleheads Brian Storming and Travesti. Also, DJs Pareja and Fabian Dellamonica will be dropping the electro beats to kick the night off, and to wind it down….around 7am. The party starts at midnight, and doesn’t really get jumping until about 2am. It’s best to get there early, however, as Niceto is known to fill up quickly. The cover charge for this party is $15 pesos. The club is located at Niceto Vega 5510 in Palermo.

Jam it up with the Jamming Fiesta Reggae party this Friday. Tonight marks the 100th party of the Jamming Fiesta Reggae crew. The group has been throwing this weekly reggae party for almost two years, and tonight will be the last party at its current location, Uniclub. The party features reggae DJ Traska, and VJ De Laurentis, creating the visual reggae experience on the big screen. Think of more of a dancing nightclub atmosphere than a hippie reggae concert. Doors open at 11pm and entrance is free until 1am. After that, admission is $10 pesos. Oh yeah, and did I mention free beer all night with admission?!? The party is located on Guardia Vieja 3360 in lovely downtown Buenos Aires.

Trip out to the psychadelic sounds of Gaby Kerpel and Diego Chemes at Casa Brandon on Saturday. These two neo-artsy performance musicians are known for re-mixing popular tunes and setting them to visual art productions. With a space like Casa Brandon, the two have a unique, and intimate canvas to showcase their talents. Doors open at 9:30pm, and as I said previously, the party will most likely go until those fresh medialunas and coffee is being made by working folk. The morning, if you didn’t get the reference. Casa Brandon is located at L.M. Drago 236, and admission is $20 pesos.

Get your munch on at Madeleines’s 24-hour pizzeria/restaurant. Every night owl needs to finish the night somewhere, and the preferred ending for most is a place to grab a greasy bite and that last beer. There’s a full menu, which includes pizzas, breakfast food, steaks, pastas, and souffles. If that sounds like your thing, then look no further than Madeleine’s in Recoleta. This neighborhood legend fills up around 5am, catering to clubbers, munchers, and genuine night owls, closing out their beer-drenched evening with a good meal. The pizza here is second to none, the service impeccably fast, and the beer, well, pretty expensive. However, if price is no option, you’ll be in late-night heaven. Madeleine is a chain, however the best and busiest is on Santa Fe 1726 in the heart of Recoleta.

Ok clubbers, rockers, rollers, and strollers, that’s it for this week. Put the kids to bed, load up on energy drinks and over-priced Fernet Colas, and wild out BA style. LATE. Remember to be safe, have fun, tip your bartenders, and look sharp. As always, if you’ve got a tip, a gripe, or a compliment (I love those), feel free to drop us a line at

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