The Real Shopper’s Guide to BA’s Best Leather

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Leather Boots

Lovely Boots from Mule.

The city of Buenos Aires is probably my favorite world capital. This year, as I do almost every year, I decided to go back for a visit; and even though I had gone with the intention to spend most of my time with my Argentine friends, I could not help myself and I did a bit of shopping as well. After all, I am a super fan of their superlative leather. Needless to say, I had to buy an additional suitcase to accommodate my leather booty. There is this common belief that the best leather is found in Italy; but this is partly a myth because Italy has been buying its best leather from Argentina for a long, long time.

So really, what is mostly known as Italian leather is in actuality the best in Argentine leather. Of course, the Italians make beautiful products with this leather; but Argentina is fast becoming a major contender as their leather design continues to grow not only in the sphere of apparel but in furnishings as well. I say: it is about time!

The quality of the leather products I have been observing for the past few years is excellent. The latest designs I’ve seen for leather jackets, pants, skirts, boots and handbags are so nice, elegant and contemporary that it was extremely difficult for me not to pull out my credit card and max it out.

On this note, l shall make some suggestions regarding where to beautiful designs made with superlative quality:

For jackets, pants, skirts and even fur coats that are outrageously gorgeous, I suggest to head out to AMADO on Florida Street. They have two locations on this pedestrian thoroughfare (Florida 846 and Florida 825); so visit them both because they offer different designs at each store.

Handbags: If money is not a problem at all for those seeking luxury, elegance and femininity, try Marcela Calvet (by appointment only). Locations in Buenos Aires and Newport, Rhode Island – USA. Website: Another favorite of mine is Casa Lopez (Three locations: Galerias Pacifico, Patio Bullrich and their main store located at M.T. Alvear 640).

Two of the most traditional and best shops for leather goods in Buenos Aires are Rossi & Caruso, (two locations as well: Galerias Pacifico and Av. Santa Fe 1377). They carry luggage, saddles, purses and wallets (for him and her). You can also find jackets and belts for him. Lopez Taibo (two locations on Avenida Alvear and one in Galerias Pacifico). They offer traditional styles and top quality leather, great for men’s shoes and women’s jackets.

Mayorano (located at Avenida Alvear 1824), is another great boutique offering designs that include replicas of the sought-after Hermes Birkin. So for Birkin aficionados, this boutique is a must. They also have trendy leather jackets, skirts and small accessories.

Guido (located at Avenida Quintana 333), is a company whose loyal following goes back to 1952. They make handmade leather shoes for both men and women. Their styles go from traditional to contemporary and their quality is outstanding.

Humawaca (find them at Posadas 1380 and El Salvador 4692). Specializing in very well made leather goods that are different, very contemporary and even funky.

Mule (three locations Armenia 1738, Migueletes 789, Uruguay 1310). Beautifully made shoes and boots for women that offer a contemporary feel and designer touches. Great quality and variety of designs.

Buenos Aires, a city that offers so much of everything! Especially beautifully crafted leather goods!

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