With $100, Enjoy the Best of Mendoza

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winetastingTravel in Argentina is absolutely wonderful if for no other reason than a favorable 3 to 1 exchange rate on the US dollar. While traveling style varies widely from budget traveler to affluent wine tourists, a common interest among all travelers is a desire to find good return on a dollar spent. So, without further ado, here are the five best ways to spend $100 on any given Saturday in Mendoza.


Visit three outstanding boutique wineries that are often off the tourist track:
Carmelo Pati – Locally known to produce some of the best wine varieties in Mendoza
Clos De Chacras – Multiple International Gold Medal winning Malbec wines
Angel Mendoza – Outstanding wines that will challenge your traditional thinking
Rental car – $45 for a basic model with 200 KM limit
Fuel – $15 to refill car before returning it
Wine – $30 for a bottle of Carmello Pati Malbec 2004 or Clos de Chacras Malbec 2005
Lunch – $10 for two meals at Cacano Café Bar in Chacras de Coria
Although the directions are fairly easy, stop by the Vines of Mendoza for a map and detailed driving directions. They will also call ahead and inform each bodega that you are planning to visit.


Get out of the city center and seeing some of Mendoza’s most stunning scenery and enjoying a quiet picnic in the famous Villavicencio Valley.
Rental Car – $65 for a basic model with unlimited KM
Fuel – $25 to refill car before returning
Lunch – $10 for picnic supplies at Carrefour
This trip is extremely easy, yet rarely done by visitors. Simply head north on San Martin Street and you will soon find yourself in the Las Heras Department. Continuing on San Martin, you simply need to follow the signs to Villavicencio, a stunning nature reserve famous for its spring water. From Villavicencio, drive carefully up the 2200 meters of switchbacks to Uspallata and follow Ruta 7 back to Mendoza. Make sure to take extra batteries for the camera, jaw dropping scenery lines the drive the entire way!

Rainy Day

Spend the day inside at Mendoza’s upscale Palmares Open Mall, enjoy one of Argentina’s best parrillas and enjoy a cup of outstanding homemade ice cream.
Taxi – $15 for drives from the city center to Palmares Open Mall, and back to your accommodation.
Shopping – $30 for miscellaneous shopping items
Dinner – $40 for a classic parrilla dinner at Don Mario’s, with mid-range wine selection
Desert – $5 for 1/2KG of home made ice cream at Suppelsa’s
Movie – $10 for two tickets in a new, outstanding movie theater
Simply jump in a taxi and head out to this up-scale shopping center should you find yourself in Mendoza on a rare rainy afternoon. Remember, this shopping center is expensive and do not be surprised if you find yourself spending much more than the $100 mentioned here!

Cultural Day

Enjoy a wine tasting, an international, or national, production at the Teatro Independencia, followed by an outstanding dinner over looking the city center.
Wine Tasting – $10 for two flights at the Vines of Mendoza
Tickets – $50 for two tickets for the nightly performances at Teatro Independencia
Dinner – $40 for gourmet dinning at Decimo, a rooftop restaurant, with mid-range wine selection
All three destinations are located within steps of Plaza Independencia, so this option is for someone looking for an interesting night on the town. Productions at the theater range from musical symphonies to foreign plays and operas, while the Vines and Decimo offer excellent local wines and specialties.

Wine Interest

Splurge on a single bottle of wine that would likely cost you significantly more at home.
PoraSangra 1997 – $85 Angel Mendoza’s signature wine
Poesia 2002 – $90 described with a single word – polished
Conalbi Grinberg Grand Reserve Malbec 2003 – $79 Known as the best Mendoza has to offer
Carmelo Patti Gran Assemblage 2002 – $69 a spectacular proprietary blend
Any money left over after the wine purchase should be used to prepare or purchase a simple entrée to compliment the wine, think olives, cheeses, chocolates. Enjoy this option for a quiet night in your chosen accommodation.

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