Starbucks Opens Today with an Argentine Twist

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Today, Friday the 30th, the first Starbucks in Argentina opens in the Alto Palermo shopping mall. While it certainly has all the gleam of an international chain, Starbucks has made connections with local customs and suppliers but adjusting their menu and using some local stores to supply the food. The menu includes a dulce de leche Frappuccino and a milky “mate” latte beverage. The cookies and brownies on the menu are provided by Frank Almeida, whose local store, Sugar and Spice, makes a wide variety of treats. According to Mr. Almeida, who attended the “pre-opening” party, the employees of Starbucks are making it their own and seem invested in the store. It is yet to be seen if the rest of the Argentines will make the same emotional, and financial, investment.


Pete Bollini on May 30, 08

Heaven help us! In Argentina even the smallest, cheapest and most remote cafe has excellent coffee (espresso) so why should we be subjected to this flagellation by the Yanks who know zilch about coffee? Next thing you know we will be paying 10 dollars for a cup of coffee that should cost a few cents. Shame…

Eugenia Renskoff on June 1, 08

Hello, Starbucks in Argentina? Isn’t that like taking coals to Newcastle or giving Elizabeth Taylor more diamonds? If it is successful, it will be due to the fascination with American things. It’s always been there. Eugenia Renskoff

changcho on June 23, 08

It won’t work, it’s like trying to open up a Straw Hat Pizza or Dominoes in Argentina (in Bs. As. at least there’s a delicious pizzeria every few blocks).

Eugenia Renskoff on June 25, 08

I think that the Starbucks employees in Buenos Aires should have an emotional investment. Maybe this will help to make Argentina and Argentine culture more visible in the world and it would bring in more money. Eugenia Renskoff

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